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We recently received an e-mail about baseball field locations in the Village.  Here is a list:

PHAC Park - Has 4 fields and is located on Welch Street. If you get off the Dennison exit, follow 2nd Street into town, turn right on Welch Street.

Peters Field - Has 1 field and is located at S. 3rd Street.  If you get off the Dennison exit, follow 2nd Street to Center Street, turn left, go to 3rd. Street, turn right, follow to the end of the road.

Thornwood Park - Has 1 field and is located at the end of Jewett Ave. If you get off the Dennison exit, follow 2nd Street to Center Street, turn left on Center.  Follow Center St. to Jewett Ave. and follow Jewett Ave. to Thornwood Park.


Village seeking to fill vacant council seat

The Council of the Village of Dennison has accepted the resignation of Councilwoman Patricia Johnson effective March 16, 2017. She cited personal reasons as the reason for resigning. Mrs. Johnson's  term expires December 31, 2017. Any resident interested in serving in the vacant council seat should write a letter of interest to the Village Council at 302 Grant Street, Dennison, OH by March 31, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

Anonymous Tip Line

An Anonymous Tip Line link has been added to the top of our website. Please feel free to use it to report crime related issues in the Village.   It is truly anonymous and your submissions go straight to Police Chief Todd Beeman. If you wish to add your name and e-mail, you certainly have the option of doing that, but it is not required.  We hope that residents find the tip line to be a very helpful tool to report issues that they may not want to become personnally involved with or fear repercussions from reporting to the police.  

Fire Department improved rating positively affects Residents Insurance Rates

The Dennison Fire Department recently received a rating for Fire Suppression and Public Protection Classifications.  As a result of the evaluation, the Village of Dennison Fire Department's rating improved which will result in reduced rates for Insurance coverage for the Village Residents.  The Villiage is working hard to serve and protect our citizens.  

Extra Street Sweeping! November 29 and 30

There will be an extra Street Sweeping on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 for the Downtown and North end and Wednesday, November 30, 2016 for the South end and Park area.  Please move your vehicles off the street from 6 am to 3 pm.  Rain dates would be Thursday and Friday, respectively.

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