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Department Contacts

The Village offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. It is closed on most major holidays. Our physical address is 302 Grant Street, Dennison, OH 44621


Jeff Dryden, Mayor
740-922-4072, ext. 5


Dave McConnell, Fire Chief
740-922-4072, ext. 7 OR directly at 740-922-2067
dennfirechief@att.net OR dennisonfd@att.net


Todd Beeman, Police Chief
740-922-4072, ext. 8 OR directly at 740-922-3131
dennpdchief@att.net OR dennisonpd@att.net


Dan Shaver, Zoning/Code Administrator
740-922-4072, ext. 6


Tammie Taggart, Administrative Assistant
740-922-4072, ext. 4


Brenda Shaver, Fiscal Assistant
740-922-4072, ext. 1


Kathy Norman, Fiscal Officer
740-922-4072, ext. 1