Common Zoning Information

There are to be no signs, public or private, posted in the curb strips or on sign/light poles of the Village.

A permit is needed for all outside home improvement work including windows, doors, roofs, fences and swimming pools. No permit is needed for work done on the inside of the home or landscaping. 

A fence installed on private property must be at least 2 feet off of the property line and no more than 6 feet high.

Swimming pools - In-ground must be fenced in. Above-ground hard side pools minimum 5 feet tall do not have to be fenced but the ladder must be removed or locked to avoid accidents. Inflatable pools with more than 24" of water must be fenced in. Permit is required for all fences and pools. 

Any questions, please contact Dan Shaver, Zoning Administrator at 740-922-4072 ext. 305